EtKøkken Mette Schelde


IF Design Award 2014
Up/Coming Award 2013

Since we humans emerged as a species, we have processed commodities with fire and water. Today the art of cooking is still a basic discipline. EtKøkken consists of three stations; water station, block station and fire station, which set the frame around the processing of commodities and preparation of the meal where the individual is actively engaged.

“The starting point was a desire to break today’s kitchen standards down, because I don’t believe that the over-equipped kitchens make better food or saves more time. Cooking is a basic discipline and with good ingredients you don’t require more than basic cooking techniques. I went out in the nature, butchered a chicken and prepared a meal on fire, water and chopping block. Those elements set the frame around the processing of commodities and preparation of the meal and cover the kitchens basic functions. I intended to pull these elements into a contemporary context. It’s not about having to settle, but a quest for grades from the past that makes sense to let shine in a new light.”

You can bring EtKøkken through your life, and place it anywhere, -inside or outside. The water-station has to be connected to water and drainage, while the fire- and block station doesn’t require any fixation. The fire-station has a bottle of gas inside, while the block station is on wheels so it’s able to roll between fire and water.

The fire-, water- and block-station each have a ring attached on the side, where you can place your primary cooking tools.

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